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Norgus Beesh

a ridiculous, small, cute person or other animate object

"We're thinking maybe the secrets about life we don't understand are the 'cosmic carrots' in front of our noses that keep us going. So maybe we should stop trying to figure out the meaning of life and sit back and enjoy
the mystery of life.
The operative word here is what?
Not meaning.

. . . On the way to the play, we stopped to look at the stars.
And as usual,
I felt in awe.
And then I felt even deeper in awe at this capacity we have to be
in awe about something.

Then I became even more awestruck
at the thought that I was,
in some small way,
part of that
which I was in awe about

And this feeling went on
and on
and on. . . .
My space chums got a word for it:
'awe infinitum.'"

-"Trudy" - The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, by Jane Wagner

“A week and a half ago, I learned in my physics class that positrons are just electrons moving backwards in time. Therefore, when an electron and a positron appear to annihilate (that is, collide and disappear, leaving behind a big burst of energy), it’s actually just one electron moving forward in time, hitting some sort of space/time/energy barrier, giving off a whole burst of energy, and then moving backwards in time.

This needs to be danced. It’s easy to annihilate, and K. and I practiced annihilating with each other. We’re very playful, so we’re attracted to each other – just like a positron and electron. As we approach each other, we’ll probably accelerate (as forces of attraction do cause acceleration) by taking a sudden leap, skip or jump. Then there’s the burst of energy. One of us will land on the other, one will give weight; another will take. Someone will huff her breath until we both attain balance. There will certainly be a lot of giggling.

The disappearing part is harder. Humans don’t have the same capabilities as quantum particles, and it’s not so easy for me to believe that K. is just me moving backwards in time, or vice versa. That whole backwards in time part can really only be danced on a spatial level – the fourth dimension is reduced to three, because even by dancing, I can’t expand myself to manipulate the fourth dimension. The only backwards motion I am allowed in is space. So I use it.

As K. and I push off, giving each other that burst of energy, my perception shifts. Maybe both of us are electrons, and we’d just happen to hit that space/time/energy barrier at the same time, and now we’re both moving backwards in space, but we can pretend it’s time. If it were, we’d both now be anti-matter. Anti-R. and anti-K.. As I roll away, or leap or fly backwards in space, I wish I could do it in time. I wish I could be a quantum particle. An electron. Maybe an atom, even, if it were small enough to obey quantum rules. Helium would be nice.”

-me, in a paper for contact improv, nov. 2003